About Evidence Investigations Inc.


Evidence Investigations serves companies and individuals seeking evidence and truth throughout the country.

Based in southern Florida, our clients have consistently valued our dogged determination uncovering, and delivering, the truth. Our decades of local presence and our understanding of the different cultural landscapes, legal implications, and behavioral nuances allowed us to solve thousands of cases.

We are results-driven based on expertise, contacts, technology, discovery, discretion, and most importantly – our ability to uncover evidence that is truthful.

From corporate fraud and theft to domestic indiscretions to background checks, Evidence Investigations is committed to client satisfaction and resolution.

We are privately held, which allows us to be accountable to our clients only. Our investigators are all seasoned professionals, without the redundant layers and red tape that result in higher fees to clients. This allows us to be more nimble, client centric, and streamlined.


The Evidence Investigations team has decades of experience uncovering the truth.

We’ve attracted and retained top professionals. We are seasoned investigators, and don’t waste you time and money with junior, inexperienced people.


Evidence Investigations delivers superior investigative services.

Our single-minded mission is to gather the relevant and substantive information on our clients’ behalf that will materially benefit them in their search for truth. We operate on a foundation of integrity and ethical purpose. Our consistent currency is to maintain best practices and professional standards for leading edge private, and discreet, operations.