What Are Employee/Vendor Background Checks?

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What Are Employee/Vendor Background Checks?

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To build the right culture and a safe and healthy environment in the workplace, you have to hire the right sort of people. An interview goes a long way to provide insight into a potential candidate’s competitiveness, and professional caliber, but a good company must go the extra mile when it comes to determining whether the person has the right personality and is truly a right fit for the company.

In today’s world, running a background check has become crucial for maintaining safe workplaces, where the wellbeing of the employees and the reputation of the company are prioritized. Companies receive thousands of resumes and job offers to sift through; they can’t do the additional work of running personal history check themselves. They can, however, outsource the job to private investigators.

Why are Background Checks Important?

History checks provide insight into the candidates and help verify the authenticity of the information being provided. Here are some of the reasons for including a background check in your recruitment process.

Verify the candidate is qualified

Many candidates embellish their resumes and exaggerate about their past work experience and job responsibilities. You must ensure that your candidate does have the capabilities and expertise that they are claiming to have so they can perform well at work.

Perform a character check

Even more important than the work expertise is a person’s character. Everybody prizes a person’s honesty, integrity, and work ethic, and a background check can reveal if the person has any harassment, fraud, or indecency cases against them in previous workplaces. It can even let the organization know whether said person has a police record.

Avoid bad hires

Bad hires don’t just ruin the culture and environment of a company, but it also costs them financially as well. The recruitment and onboarding process is quite a costly one, and it takes time, money, and effort to go through the entire process again to replace the bad hire.

What do Pre-Employment Background Checks Entail?

A pre-employment background check entails checking the authenticity of the following.

Identity verification 

Verify that the person says who he is, has a legitimate social security number, and other information.

Criminal history

Police records in the candidate’s name to see if they have been involved in any crimes or misdemeanors of any sort.

Employment history

Verify the candidate’s past employment record, their reason for leaving, and other details of their employment history.

Education background

Verify the candidate’s educational records for every institution and degree stated on the resume.  

Government-issued licenses

Confirm if the person is legible and permitted to work by the government.

Credit check

Background checks into credit checks indicate a person’s financial responsibility. This is especially important if the candidate is supposed to look after funds and budget for the company.

Evidence Investigators

Evidence Investigators have private investigators in Boca Raton who are extremely professional and ethical in their work and can help you with screening the employees. They can provide the background intel that you need, along with documented proof, so you can make the right decision when building your team.