Essential Steps of a Claimant Background Investigation

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Essential Steps of a Claimant Background Investigation

Essential Steps to a claimant background investigation

Whether you are hiring a new employee for a vacancy at your company or are interested in conducting a little background check on your potential business partner, a claimant background investigation could save you from hiring workers with criminal records and unethical behavior. They can also save you from working with clients with fraudulent business deals and practices.

The risks of hiring or partnering with a person with a criminal record multiply when you are a law firm and deal with sensitive cases and classified records on a daily basis.

To perform a thorough claimant background investigation on the applicant or potential business partner or client, you must follow the essential steps mentioned below:

Verify their Documents and Employment Record

It is very easy to list down a few companies and create certain documents with forged signatures when applying for a job interview. Even the world’s leading tech companies have later fired employees with forged documents and inaccurate employment or educational history to protect their company from such criminal-minded people.

Most candidates will make up references on their resume; that’s why you should call in the university or former workplaces to check with the HR department or administration if a person with such name and record ever studied or worked in their institute or company.

This very first step of verification itself will give you a clear idea of the person’s character and capabilities.

Conduct a Criminal Record Check

This is very important if you are hiring someone for sensitive cases that involve classified records and networking with intelligence or law enforcement agencies. You could end up hiring a dangerous criminal and giving them access to authorized filing cabinets or databases that hold government secrets and sensitive legal information.

If your business is of a highly sensitive nature and you are seeking an employee who can be trusted, then it is important to conduct a criminal record check.

You can either hire the services of private investigators or use the online databases to run a quick search on the applicant’s history of crime. Even a single night of incarceration for driving while intoxicated should be a red flag because it shows that the person is irresponsible and could reveal a company’s secrets to others under the influence of alcohol.

Interview Close Associates and Friends

It may not be possible for you to verify the applicant’s character and background just by authenticating their documents and checking criminal records. The true character of a person is only known by his or her close associates and friends who have known this person in a personal capacity for years.

Only they will be able to reveal this person’s real character and secrets and help you assess if this person is a good fit for such an important position.

Using the services of private investigators for businesses for conducting a claimant background investigation will give you complete satisfaction that the person you have hired is of noble character, honest, and can be trusted with such sensitive work.