What is Corporate Integrity Testing?

Integrity testing is a type of personality test conducted in corporations to determine a candidate’s tendency to be honest, dependable and morally right. A lack of personal integrity is associated with negative and risky behaviors like violence, theft, sabotage, extortion, bribery, disciplinary issues, and absenteeism. Integrity tests are also associated with emotional stableness and agreeability.

There are two types of integrity tests:

  • Overt integrity tests, which directly inquire about counterproductive and risky behaviors.
  • Covert integrity tests, which use a personality test to determine if a person has integrity issues.

Integrity Testing in Corporations

Integrity testing is part of business investigations where corporate or private investigators meticulously scrutinize a person or applicant’s willingness to do the right thing. Investigators leave no stone unturned in their quest to find whether a corporate applicant is telling the truth or has a criminal background, a potential business partner is legitimate, or if a person has committed embezzlement and fraud.

Anything that concerns a person’s moral and ethical behavior can be investigated and be classified under corporate integrity testing.

Employee Background Checks

If you want to conduct criminal background checks on your current and prospective employees, there are federal guidelines that you need to follow. Making improper background checks and not following the regulations set out may land you in trouble with the authorities, thereby costing you a lot of money.

Hence, it is advisable that you hire private investigators who have experience in conducting background information search. Evidence Investigators, Inc. can conduct employee background checks for you.

Criminal Investigation

Professional private investigators can help you and your attorneys in your criminal defense case. A lot of times, things are not what they seem and it requires a professional and experienced investigator to conduct a thorough investigation, interview witnesses, and obtain affidavits, and record crime scenes.

Private investigators can find that crucial piece of evidence that can be the decider between innocence and guilt.

Benefits of Integrity Testing

When done in the right way, integrity testing can warn corporations before they bring high-risk applicants into their company. Hiring ethical employees who are willing to do the right thing results in:

  • Reduction in employee-related thefts
  • Reduction in employee drug and alcohol misuse
  • Reduction in absenteeism and turnover rate
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduction in disruptive and problematic behavior
  • Decreased number of workplace conflicts
  • Less customer complaints, higher customer satisfaction

Hence, a good integrity testing investigators can help you make better hiring decision, which will ultimately affect the bottom line of your corporation.

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