What are Activity Checks and Why are They Used

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What are Activity Checks and Why are They Used

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When a Google search doesn’t quite cut it, what you need is an activity check of the subject in question. Whenever more information is required of a person, but there aren’t the resources or time to carry out the task, private investigators are called in to carry out a quick activity check on a person.

Since the average person only has a limited amount of access to somebody’s personal information (usually available on the internet), that information is of no use when you want to uncover important facts about an individual.

Activity checks are a great way of finding out the daily activities of an individual, whether it’s information pertaining to said individual’s employment status or their physical health, internet activities and other day-to-day activities that they take part in.

As the name implies, activity checks do just that; they check on the individual to find out more about the individual’s daily habits or if some information they’ve provided is truthful. In other words, activity checks that are carried out by experienced private investigators in South Florida is a great way to catch a liar and their lies.

Activity Checks by Private Investigators

An activity check is a low-cost investigation that is carried out on-site and helps determine whether or not the subject has been truthful with the information they’ve provided of their day to day activities or whether further surveillance is warranted. During activity checks, professional private investigators in South Florida may spend varying amounts of time to conduct their investigation to get an idea of an individual’s daily activities.

In order to find the information they need, the private investigators may spend some time in the area where the person lives and document the conditions or even speak to the neighbors to see if the information that the person has provided adds up.

Activity checks may also entail a thorough screening if the individual’s internet activities to find out what they are interested in or what their hobbies are. In certain cases, activity checks can also include going through otherwise private records of an individual, such as their driving license, employment background, criminal records, etc.

The investigative procedure that’s carried out by the private investigators during an activity check can help find any information that’s needed for an investigation or whether a more thorough and detailed investigation is required to find more information on the individual.

An activity check is the ideal solution for those individuals or organizations that either do not have the time or the resources to find out the daily activities of an individual or to carry a full-fledged investigation.

When are Activity Checks Needed?

Private investigators can be consulted to carry out thorough activity checks to gather facts in cases ranging from child custody and visitation investigations, disability or insurance fraud, stalking, missing person or runaway, employee theft, and even in cold case investigations.