6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Private Investigator

Many people find themselves asking that question when something in their work or personal lives just doesn’t add up. Whether it be an absentee spouse or an insurance claimant, you may be having that uneasy feeling. Questions may be running through your mind like “Why shouldn’t I just follow him/her for myself?” Even though you may want to be a detective in the heat of the moment, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t.

Take a look below as we list the Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Private Investigator.

  1. The Law – Private Investigators are licensed by the state in which they conduct business. There are licensing and educational requirements, as well as, fees that must be paid in order to legally practice in each state. Surveilling a person without proper authority can land you in jail with heavy penalties.
  2. Safety – As any seasoned investigator can tell you, things are normally running smoothly, until they are not. Every experienced investigator has a story in which they were either put in harms way or were actually caused bodily harm. Catching your cheating spouse in the act or the employee stealing from you is not worth putting your own safety at risk.
  3. Objectivity – If we seek or are preparing for a certain outcome we are not seeing the truth clearly. Assumptions from having a prior history often cloud or distort what is really happening. The courts will always want to hear from an actual objective third party. This is where hiring a professional private investigator can give you a better understanding of the issues at hand and how to proceed.
  4. Conflict of Interest – This is what occurs when the interest of two different parties have very different interests. A person might unknowingly create a conflict of interest, if they are not certain of who all the players are and their role in the matter.
  5. Proper Equipment – Although technology has evolved to the point where everyone has a camera in their hands most of the time, a.k.a the cell phone, this type of technology is not going to cut it in real-world surveillance operations. True, it may be better than nothing, but in comparison to professional equipment, it’s like sawing a tree down with a steak knife. Private Investigators are equipped with the latest tools of the trade. This includes items such as professional covert cameras that work in different lighting and speed conditions so that those “money shots” are never left to chance.
  6. Training and Experience – A private investigator’s years of experience mean that protocol and procedures are in place. They adhere to best practices and know-how to prepare for the unexpected and keep everyone safe. Their job is to gather intelligence and provide exceptional results to their clients. When in a situation that could become dangerous, or simply a legal issue such as insurance fraud, these professionals can assess the situation and take appropriate actions.

Even though you may think you should follow your intuition or gut feelings and trail your spouse, your head should be telling you something different. Allow a private investigator to become your eyes and ears in a potentially bad situation and stay safe and receive the truth you were seeking all along.

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